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How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost in Anaheim?

In Anaheim, office coffee service costs approximately $137 per employee per year, or about $6.21 – $11.39 per employee per month.


Here’s a Break-Down of Office Coffee Delivery Prices:

Items Estimated Cost
Pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $18 to $54
Organic pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $78 to $92
K-cups (42 cups) $39 to $74
Box of tea (25-100 count) $8 to $9
Box of hot chocolate (size varies) $13 to $21
Case of instant soup $10 to $52
Consumables (50 to 25 count of cups, lids, creamers, stirrers, sugar, etc.) $4 to $17 per month
Paper products (napkins, tissues, etc.) $15 to $113
Medicine $5 to $23
First aid supplies (adhesive bandages, first aid kit, etc.) $4 to $58
Rental of brewing equipment (if applicable) $33 to $61 per month


  • daily delivery
  • weekly/bi-weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly

 Office Coffee Service

Pump up Employees With Great Tasting Coffee, Office Water, and Break-Room Supplies

Office Coffee Deals will help you find reliable coffee delivery for businesses in Anaheim looking to offer delicious beverages in these local nearby area codes:

90620, 90621, 92801, 92802, 92804, 92805, 92806, 92807, 92808, 92867, 92868, 92870, 92886, 92887





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Reliable Coffee Companies in Anaheim, CA

If you’re looking for reliable coffee companies near you, here are a few who have a great reputation and positive reviews.

Prestige Office Coffee Services
20425 S Susana Rd
Long Beach, CA 90810

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AlraFoodcraft Coffee Service
704 W Southern Ave
Orange, CA 92867
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First Choice Coffee Service
2909 S Croddy Way
Santa Ana, CA 92704
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Office Coffee Service in Anaheim

As a bustling hub in Southern California, Anaheim sees a blend of businesses, large and small, operating daily. Integral to the day-to-day functions of these businesses is the energy boost many employees derive from coffee. Office Coffee Services (OCS) in Anaheim have thus grown in importance, offering tailored solutions to meet the needs of different businesses.

The Importance of Quality Coffee
In the modern workspace, coffee has transformed from a mere morning ritual to a vital productivity tool. Employees appreciate a high-quality cup, associating it with their employer’s commitment to their well-being. In Anaheim, with its mix of tech, tourism, and traditional industries, providing a premium coffee experience can set a company apart in terms of staff satisfaction and retention.

Customized Coffee Solutions
OCS providers in Anaheim offer more than just coffee; they provide an experience. From different blends of beans sourced worldwide to various brewing methods, businesses can choose offerings that best fit their company culture and employee preferences.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options
Environmental concerns are paramount in today’s business world. Anaheim-based services often provide eco-friendly and sustainable coffee options, such as beans that are ethically sourced, biodegradable cups, and energy-efficient machines, resonating with companies’ CSR initiatives and employees’ values.

Maintenance and Regular Upgrades
One significant advantage of engaging an OCS is the regular maintenance and potential upgrade options they offer. This ensures that the equipment remains in top condition, minimizing downtimes and ensuring a consistent coffee experience.

While the initial thought might be that OCS is an added expense, when calculated on a per-cup basis and considering the added productivity and employee satisfaction, it often turns out to be a cost-effective solution. Additionally, businesses in Anaheim can find competitive prices due to the growing market of providers.

In Anaheim, as with many bustling cities, the importance of a reliable Office Coffee Service cannot be overstated. The blend of quality, customization, sustainability, maintenance, and cost-efficiency makes it an essential service for businesses aiming for productivity, sustainability, and employee satisfaction. Investing in a good OCS can not only fuel the daily grind but can also elevate the overall work environment.

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