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We all need our morning cup of hot coffee to kick-start the day, and our unique business model will help you with all of your Office Coffee Service needs, while saving you lots of time and money.

When you work with Office Coffee Deals you can find affordable coffee delivery for your small business. Employees will enjoy freshly roasted coffee delivered to your office by top local providers that will meet your satisfaction each and every time. Business coffee services can also include most brands of tea, single-serve brewers, and any type of break-room supplies you may require. Partner with one of the best local coffee companies and get the lowest prices today. Rest, refuel, and take a deserved coffee break yourself!

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Office Coffee Delivery Services

Locating an affordable Office Coffee Delivery Service has never been easier. In just a few moments you can access the lowest pricing quotes on America’s best tasting coffee brands. Enjoy brands like Starbucks, Maxwell House, Folgers, and more. Our secret is we pre-screen local coffee suppliers and then have them compete for your office coffee needs by offering you their most affordable prices on all of their products and services. Why spend all day calling for prices when one quick form gets you low pricing offers from the best local coffee companies?

How Frequently is Coffee Delivered?

Coffee DeliveryWhile you need java daily, coffee delivery companies typically do not deliver daily. They will only knock on your door as much as you need them to so you can keep your office coffee area stocked.

  • Monthly

Delivery services will stock your coffee and equipment at least monthly. They will take stock of your needs at this time to see if you need more than just the once-a-month visit.

  • Semi-weekly

Some companies may have a standard every-other-week visit, and this will serve you well if you’re getting freshly roasted beans.

  • Flexible Service

Great coffee companies will flex with the needs of your company so that if you’re business experiences a fast intake of clients, customers, or employees, you will have some strong caffeine in the house to keep everyone happy.

What Types of Coffee Brands are Available For My Employees?

Coffee Brands Carried

You can find all kinds of coffee from office coffee services. You can find something as basic and well-known as Folgers and Maxwell to more high-end coffees like Starbucks and Peet’s.

You do not have to settle for an off-brand or generic brew. Coffee services understand good coffee, so they will serve you the best brands available on the market.

Should I Choose Single-Pot Coffee Packages vs Single-Cup Coffee Machines?

Truly, the amount of coffee you need depends not just on how many employees and clients you have, but how many coffee-drinking employees and clients you have. Consider the pros and cons.

Single Pot Coffee MakerSingle Pot Coffee Packages

  • If you have a small office, a single-cup coffee machine makes sense.
  • Single pot coffee packages are cheaper per cup when you break them down.
  • Single pot filters and coffee are easier on the environment often with biodegradable filters that breakdown.

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Single Cup Coffee Machines

  • If you have a small crew that drinks coffee, choose the single-pot coffee packages.
  • Single cups cost more per cup compared to single-pot coffee packages.
  • Single cups are also typically less environmentally friendly with small plastic cups that litter landfills.
  • Single cups are more convenient and the promise of always fresh and hot coffee by the cup.

What Types of Coffee Equipment Are For Rent/or Purchase?

Since office coffee suppliers and companies vary, so does the equipment and service they provide.

·       Bean to Cup Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee MachinesThe bean-to-cup machine does exactly what the name says: turns a bean into a cup of coffee. The result is a pretty luxurious cup of coffee like a frothy espresso. These machines run on the higher end of those to rent and purchase.

·       Traditional Coffee Machines

Traditional coffee machines do not look like the one at the local diner with a glass coffee pot that cooks coffee on a burner all day. Instead, they often are tall machines that can brew big pumper pots or air pots that keep coffee hot for most of the day.

·       Keurig

The Keurig is a brand name for the single coffee cup maker. It uses little plastic cups called “pods” or “k-cups,” and then runs hot water through the brew inside the cup. The single-cup maker brews a single cup at a time.

The newer single-cup coffee makers will allow drinkers to select a size varying from 4 to 12 ounces along with the strength of the brew. So everyone gets just what he or she wants.

·       Espresso Machines

Some people just love their espresso. If you have a high-end clientele or just like to drink high-end coffee, then an espresso machine that brews tiny but strong cups of coffee will serve you well.

How Much Does Office Coffee Delivery Service Cost?

Lowest Price For Coffee

Because of the highly customizable nature of services a coffee delivery service offers, the cost will vary greatly. So to know the best price, you’d do well to get quotes.

Ask about things like delivery cost, maintenance cost, same-day emergency, equipment rental, and supplies along with the coffee itself.

Cost figures into several factors:  

·       Brand of Coffee

Specialty and organic coffees will cost more than generally known brands.

·       Supplies

What will you serve coffee in? Do not forget stirrers, cups, and napkins. You need coffee supplies.

Good coffee service will give you a deal on supplies and condiments. You can plan on approximately $5 to $25 a month for supplies.

Office Coffee Delivery

·       Coffee Quantity

Plan on approximately $50 to $125 per employee per year depending on the type of coffee you purchase. If you’re purchasing basic ground coffee, you can expect to spend around $20 per 24 to 48-cups and $50 per 24 to 48-cups for the higher end brew. A 65-count case of premium, gourmet, or organic costs between $75 and 90 per case. 

·       K Cups

The convenience of single-service cups will cost you more. Plan on spending between $35 to $70 for a 42-count case of coffee. This means your coffee will cost you anywhere from $0.83 a cup to $1.67.

So even though K-cups may cost more compared to other types of coffee in the office, it will cost less than coffee at a coffee shop down the street.

·       Company Size

The size of your company matters in that you can find better deals per cup when you order coffee in larger quantities.

A company of 1-10 employees will require a single coffee machine, a couple of cases of coffee, and additional supplies that will run them approximately $50 to $100 every month.

A company of 10 to 40 employees would require more coffee but still just one, plumbed-in machine. The machine along with eight cases of coffee and supplies would cost $200 to $600 per month, depending on the brew.

·       Maintenance Fee

Some companies offer free equipment maintenance with their service. Always ask so you can budget the fee in with the rest of the equipment, supplies, and coffee costs.

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