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How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost in Irvine?

In Irvine, office coffee service costs approximately $137 per employee per year, or about $6.23 – $11.38 per employee per month.


Here’s a Break-Down of Office Coffee Delivery Prices:

Items Estimated Cost
Pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $20 to $53
Organic pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $77 to $95
K-cups (42 cups) $39 to $78
Box of tea (25-100 count) $7 to $12
Box of hot chocolate (size varies) $11 to $20
Case of instant soup $11 to $52
Consumables (50 to 25 count of cups, lids, creamers, stirrers, sugar, etc.) $4 to $21 per month
Paper products (napkins, tissues, etc.) $13 to $109
Medicine $5 to $22
First aid supplies (adhesive bandages, first aid kit, etc.) $6 to $55
Rental of brewing equipment (if applicable) $34 to $59 per month


  • daily delivery
  • weekly/bi-weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly

 Office Coffee Service

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Office Coffee Deals will help you find reliable coffee delivery for businesses in Irvine looking to offer delicious beverages in these local nearby area codes:

92602, 92603, 92604, 92606, 92610, 92612, 92614, 92617, 92618, 92620, 92630, 92660, 92676, 92780, 92782





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Reliable Coffee Companies in Irvine, CA

If you’re looking for reliable coffee companies near you, here are a few who have a great reputation and positive reviews.

First Choice Coffee Service
2909 S Croddy Way
Santa Ana, CA 92704

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All Pro Beverage Office Coffee Services
16312 Garfield Ave
Paramount, CA 90723
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Office Coffee Service in Irvine

In the bustling corporate environment of Irvine, the importance of a revitalizing coffee break cannot be overstated. With a growing demand for quality and variety, office coffee services have evolved to cater to every caffeine enthusiast’s palate.

The Importance of Bean Quality
For the discerning coffee drinker, the quality of the bean is paramount. The best office coffee services in Irvine invest heavily in sourcing premium, sustainably-grown beans. Whether it’s a full-bodied dark roast or a delicate light roast, the foundation of any great coffee service starts with exceptional beans.

Variety of Brews and Machines
Modern workplaces celebrate diversity, and this extends to coffee preferences. A standout service offers a range of machines, from single-serve pod systems to sophisticated espresso machines and traditional drip brewers. Additionally, the array of coffee types—be it espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, or cold brews—enables every employee to find their perfect brew.

Customization and Special Features
Beyond just the coffee, leading services in Irvine are incorporating a variety of milk and milk alternatives, flavored syrups, and even tea options. Features like adjustable brew strength, temperature controls, and digital touchscreens enhance the coffee experience, making it a personalized affair.

Sustainable Practices
With a heightened global awareness towards sustainability, Irvine’s top coffee services prioritize eco-friendly practices. This encompasses recyclable or compostable pods, energy-efficient machines, and support for fair trade coffee growers. By choosing services that emphasize sustainability, offices not only get their caffeine fix but also contribute positively to the environment.

Reliable Maintenance and Support
Lastly, a hallmark of an exceptional coffee service is their support system. Regular maintenance checks, quick response times for machine repairs, and timely bean restocking ensure that the flow of coffee remains uninterrupted, keeping the workforce motivated and productive.

As the corporate world of Irvine continues its energetic pace, the role of office coffee services remains crucial. By emphasizing bean quality, offering a broad range of options, implementing sustainable practices, and ensuring robust support, these services bring joy and energy to countless employees every day. Whether it’s to kickstart the morning, rejuvenate post-lunch, or fuel a late-night project, the right coffee service can make a tangible difference in the workplace’s atmosphere.

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