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How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost in Saint Paul?

In Saint Paul, office coffee service costs approximately $138 per employee per year, or about $6.19 – $11.39 per employee per month.


Here’s a Break-Down of Office Coffee Delivery Prices:

Items Estimated Cost
Pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $20 to $55
Organic pre-ground coffee bags (24-48 count) $77 to $93
K-cups (42 cups) $38 to $75
Box of tea (25-100 count) $7 to $12
Box of hot chocolate (size varies) $13 to $24
Case of instant soup $10 to $52
Consumables (50 to 25 count of cups, lids, creamers, stirrers, sugar, etc.) $4 to $17 per month
Paper products (napkins, tissues, etc.) $15 to $108
Medicine $5 to $23
First aid supplies (adhesive bandages, first aid kit, etc.) $4 to $58
Rental of brewing equipment (if applicable) $34 to $60 per month


  • daily delivery
  • weekly/bi-weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly

 Office Coffee Service

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Office Coffee Deals will help you find reliable coffee delivery for businesses in Saint Paul looking to offer delicious beverages in these local nearby area codes:

55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55113, 55114, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55130, 55155





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Reliable Coffee Companies in Saint Paul, MN

If you’re looking for reliable coffee companies near you, here are a few who have a great reputation and positive reviews.

Coffee Mill
1790 Radisson Rd NE
Blaine, MN 55449

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Aramark Refreshments
6667 W Old Shakopee Rd Suite 103
Bloomington, MN 55438
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Office Coffee Service in Saint Paul

In the bustling city of Saint Paul, the demand for quality office coffee services has risen. The comfort of having a fresh cup of coffee without leaving the office premises not only boosts morale but also increases productivity. Here’s a comprehensive look at office coffee services in Saint Paul.

The Growing Trend of Office Coffee Services

With the evolving workspace culture in Saint Paul, office coffee services have transformed from a mere convenience to a necessity. Businesses have realized the positive impact of offering gourmet coffee options, fostering a sense of community among employees.

Key Service Providers

Saint Paul boasts a variety of coffee service providers, ranging from local artisan roasters to large-scale distributors. Popular names include St. Paul Roastery, RiverCity Coffee, and OfficeBrew. Each offers unique blends and customizable service packages.

The Economic Perspective

Investing in a quality coffee service can result in notable returns. Employees often report higher satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates and reduced absenteeism. Moreover, the time saved from coffee shop runs adds up, further justifying the initial investment.

Sustainable Practices in Coffee Service

Environmental concerns have pushed providers in Saint Paul towards sustainable practices. Biodegradable cups, organic coffee options, and energy-efficient machines are now part of the offerings. Partnering with eco-conscious providers can further a company’s green initiatives.

Customization and Tech Integration

Modern office coffee services are no longer just about brewing. Providers now offer machines with customization options, allowing employees to choose their preferred brew strength or milk type. Some even come integrated with apps, making inventory tracking and maintenance requests hassle-free.

The office coffee scene in Saint Paul has evolved beyond mere convenience. It’s now a blend of culture, economics, sustainability, and technology. For businesses looking to invest, the potential returns – both tangible and intangible – make it a decision worth considering.

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