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10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Coffee Station Brew-Ti-Full!

Creating a culture around coffee in your office can have surprising benefits. Caffeine boosts aside, providing your employees a fun space for their coffee boost can be a way to show them that you value them and want them to be happy at work. 

A shared coffee station table also encourages collaboration among employees, especially those who don’t usually cross paths. It is a place where employees can chat and share updates on their current projects. Real ideas can come out of those casual conversations.

If you want your DIY coffee bar to be a place where employees want to spend time, you need to invest effort into making it creative and fun. You want it to be a sign of appreciation that your employees enjoy.

Below, we’re sharing 10 ideas for a creative coffee station that your employees will love and appreciate. Read on to learn more.

1. Pick the Right Area

A communal kitchen is an obvious place for a DIY coffee bar, but if you have the space, you may want to dedicate a separate room to house your coffee station table. That’s when coffee area ideas can really come to life. Your employees can go there without feeling like they are interrupting anyone else.

Whatever space you choose, you can make it stand out with themed décor. Framed images of coffee cups will make the space feel relaxed and elegant. For a coffee bar ideas that are more fun, opt for cut-outs of coffee-related words like “buzz.”

2. Have Coffee Options

The best coffee bar ideas should be implemented with all of your employees in mind. You want to satisfy as many people as possible, to encourage them to use the coffee bar as often as they like.

It’s important to recognize that not everyone has the same tastes, and to provide as many options as possible. Include different roasts for coffee-such as dark and medium-or different origins, such as French or Ethiopian.

You should also include different kinds of milk, as well as flavored creamer.

3. Include Unique Glassware

Your coffee station ideas should encourage your employees to customize their coffee to their unique likes and personality. That extends beyond the way they make their coffee, and includes what they drink their coffee out of.

Novelty mugs with funny or inspiring quotes are one fun option. Each person can pick the mug that appeals to them the most. Brightly colored mugs or mugs made by a local artist could also be an interesting option. Store them out in the open in baskets, or in cabinets for safe keeping.

4. Go As High-Tech as Possible

Almost all offices have a simple coffee pot. If you want your coffee area ideas to really stand out, you’re going to need to go above and beyond.

You should continue to offer a simple machine for those who feel more comfortable, but there should be other options as well. Even if you can’t provide a deluxe machine that can make a café-quality latte, you can still spruce up the space with accessories.

A device that froths milk is inexpensive, but it can take coffee to the next level.

5. Make It Feel Like Home

You want your DIR coffee bar to be a place where your employees feel comfortable lingering and hanging out for a few minutes during the day. Taking short breaks throughout the workday can actually increase creativity and productivity. It’s important that your employees have a dedicated space and feel encouraged to do so.

If you have the space to include comfortable seating near your coffee bar, you should do so. That will signal to your employees that they don’t have to rush, but can take their time and enjoy the moment to decompress and refocus.

6. Pick a Design Theme

Every office has a unique design, and every coffee station should too. If you want your coffee corner to be a place where employees go when they need a pick-me-up, it should look well-designed.

You can take inspiration from your favorite local coffee shop, or some of the iconic coffee shops from movies and television. You could also pick a design theme–like rustic or modern–to inspire your design.

7. Decorate for the Seasons

Everyone loves a little seasonal decor around the office. It makes going to work feel festive, especially around big holidays. You can’t redecorate the entire office season by season, but you can easily spruce up your coffee station with some festive coffee station ideas.

Around the Fourth of July, for example, you could use mugs that are red, white, or blue. You can also add little American flags to the jars that hold coffee stirrers or sugar packets.

8. Make it Welcoming for All

If you do implement fun coffee area ideas, you should notice that your employees want to spend more time there. Even those who don’t drink coffee should feel welcome in the space.

It’s thoughtful to have a selection of other beverages available as well, such as nice teas. Even water and juice can signal to those who don’t drink coffee that the space is still for them.

9. Make it A Potluck

Nothing goes better with coffee then a pastry or baked good, but it can be difficult–and expensive–to regularly provide them yourself. Instead, encourage your employees to turn the space into a mini-potluck by bringing treats from home.

Leave a sign-up sheet by the coffee table station to make it easy. It will encourage more employee camaraderie to happen over coffee.

10. Listen to What Your Employees Want

At the end of the day, you are updating your office coffee station to make your employees happier. You want them to feel valued, and you should start by valuing their opinion.

Ask them to submit suggestions for design elements, or to recommend the kind of coffee they want stocked in the space. You don’t have to take all of the coffee area ideas they propose, but they’ll enjoy it more if they were a part of the planning process.

Ready Revamp Your Office Coffee Station?

If your employees like starting the day with a cup of coffee or taking an afternoon caffeine break, you need a well-designed office coffee station. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference.

For more information on providing your employees with the best coffee, please reach out for a quote today.

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