Not a Morning Person? You’ll Wake up Easy With These Techniques!

1. Move The Clock! Avoid the Snooze.

Move the Alarm Clock

2. Get the Walk Me Up app.  You have to take a certain number of steps before the alarm will shut off. Gets the blood flowing fast.

3. Let your partner sleep. This vibrating wrist alarm is awesome. You wake up while they Sleep

Wrist Alarm that Vibrates

4. Get an alarm clock that runs from you!

Alarm click that runs away from you

5. Wake up to Target Practice

Target Practice in with the Alarm clock

6. Wake up with your natural rhythms.

natural rhythms.

7. Homemade sunshine

Alarm with homemade sun shine

After who doesn’t love waking up to the sun.

8. Start the Coffee Brewing Time 10 Minutes Early

Brew Coffee

9. Bonus Tip for the Non Morning Person.

Coffee Cup to warn people you're not awake yet

11. Drink a glass of water right after you wake up.

Drink Water

Drinking water speeds up your metabolism and re-hydrates you after many hours of NO LIQUIDS AT ALL.

Share your wake up early tips below!

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