Office Coffee Prices: A Buyer’s Guide For Business Owners

Keeping employees happy and productive in an efficient and effective manner is easier said than done, but sometimes the solution is as simple as a quick cup of joe. An office coffee service can help your employees stay satiated without needing to leave the office for a specialty coffee house, and can improve their assessment of you as an employer and their overall job satisfaction.

This leads to higher productivity and better work output, all from supply a steady stream of hot and cold beverages. Happier employees help improve your bottom line in numerous ways, meaning an investment in an office coffee service can pay serious dividends. It’s still important to shop carefully, though, which is why we’ve put this brief pricing guide together.

Pricing Beverages for Your Office

Coffee Service Buyers GuideThe biggest expense any employer will incur with an office coffee service is that of the beverages consumed. Prices for a typical cup of coffee consumed from a standard service can range from six cents to 60 cents depending on the quality of the coffee and other ingredients used, with additional beverages such as teas and cold drinks having an average cost that falls in the middle of this range.

Snacks, too, carry per-unit costs, and prices for these can range widely depending on the specific type of edible treat you offer your employees.

Because most business coffee services are offered on a flat-rate monthly fee, you’ll want to track your employee’s beverage consumption and make sure you get a plan large enough to cover your business’s needs to avoid overage costs and the frustration of running out before your next scheduled delivery. For a typical office of approximately 50 people, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars a month for a coffee service, but you should see much bigger returns in terms of increased productivity and less time spent away from workstations.

Office Coffee Service Equipment Pricing

Pricing equipment for an office coffee service can be somewhat tricker; some services offer equipment for free with high enough beverage consumption. Other service plans, especially those including higher-end equipment, come with a monthly equipment charge. Most plans include maintenance of your office coffee equipment to ensure a steady flow of your employees’ favorite beverages.

For larger offices, you should be able to find a service that includes a no-cost lease on the equipment necessary for providing the coffee and other drinks your staff needs. Offices with lower consumption levels can expect to pay a little extra, especially for premium equipment such as espresso and cappuccino machines. Typically these costs will be minimal in comparison to the amount paid for beverage consumption itself, and if they keep your employees happy and productive they’re very much worthwhile.

Stop the stream of employees constantly heading out for coffee, and bring premium brews affordably into the office for everyone to enjoy.


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