Get Your Caffeine Fix – Use This Chart To See Which Coffee Has The Most Caffeine Per Fluid Ounce

Caffeine is a crystalline compound that is generally found in tea and coffee plants and is commonly used as a natural stimulant of the central nervous system. In others it wakes us up when we’re tired. Moreover, it just taste great.

Also known as Methyltheobromine the substance can be found in sodas, teas, chocolate, and energy drinks but most consumers still prefer to get their fix from a good cup of coffee. For many of us we look a full flavor coffee that packs a healthy punch of caffeine to get us going. We were asked by companies looking for coffee service for their businesses which product contained the highest level of caffeine and after looking at brands like Starbucks, Caribou, and McDonalds we finally found the answers and shared it below in this chart ranking caffeine levels from highest to lowest.

Chart of Which Coffee has Teh Most Caffeine

Weird Facts About Caffeine:

C8H10N4O2: The formula for caffeine. Who knew, right?

352.4°F: Temperature required to boil.

460.4°F: The point in which caffeine will melt when heated.

Did You Know Coffee Blocks the Brains Natural Regulator?

How Caffeine Works on the brain









And lastly, if you’re worried about how much coffee you’d need to drink before it became lethal don’t because at 100 cups it’s no likely you’ll ever do it.

How much coffee you need to drink before it kills you

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