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Employee Satisfaction Lies at the Bottom of a Hot Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the entire world. For many people, the thought of starting work without a steaming cup of caffeinated happiness is simply unacceptable. In addition, people feel like they can’t be productive or really get rolling on their workday until they’ve had that morning jolt. So, they fill up their travel mugs or stop at the local coffee shop to pick up a cup every single morning.

By making one simple change, you can turn the office into a place that people are even happier to get to in the morning. You can do this by moving the site of that morning ritual from the home or the local café to the office itself. Free, excellent tasting coffee is a great way to not only motivate employees, but to ensure that they enjoy those first few moments in the office each day. It’s a way to start the day on a positive note, which leads to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

However, as any java lover knows, all coffee is not created equal. Don’t just get the cheapest coffee money can by and expect it to really raise the spirits of your team. Instead, consider investing in a K-Cup brewing machine and some high quality coffee pods for your staff.

There are several advantages to this kind of setup. The first is that because these machines are single-serve, every employee can pick the flavour that they enjoy the most. In addition, these pods offer a wide range of options, stretching from decaf to flavoured coffees and teas, ensuring that everyone can find something that will satisfy that morning craving.

There’s another benefit to having this kind of equipment at the office that many people overlook. Employees frequently take breaks from work to run out and get a mid-day cup of coffee. People dash out, and sometimes are forced to consume every last minute of free time to get to a coffee shop and back again. When the machine is in the office, ready to go, your employee who is dying for a cup of coffee will be satisfied in a few moments instead.

Bonus Tip

Coffee is great, and you’ll probably find that the vast majority of your staff drinks it happily. However, there are always a few people who don’t drink coffee in any office environment, and you don’t want them to feel left out. Make sure you put a few complimentary tea bags out, and a few other beverages in the office fridge. Make them complimentary as well. That way, everyone will feel appreciated by your gesture.

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