Coffee Is A Storehouse Of Some Really Awesome Antioxidants

Coffee Is A Storehouse Of Some Really Awesome Antioxidants

Studies on the heath impacts of coffee can be really confusing with some suggesting that the beverage can cause detrimental effects on your health and some claiming about the goodness that coffee bestows upon your health. Whatever your opinions are, as of now, you may want to know that recent studies have presented a positive outlook about coffee. According to these studies, coffee contains two powerful antioxidants which make it a healthy beverage that is worth consuming on a daily basis.

Coffee contains the chemicals called hydrocinnamic acid and polyphenols which are known for their properties to prevent various types of diseases. The new studies suggest that these antioxidants prevent colon and liver cancer. Fortunately, Americans do not need to make an additional effort to ensure a regular supply of these antioxidants with coffee being an integral part of the American diet. In fact, coffee happens to be major source of antioxidants to Americans compared to other dietary sources.

In an American Cocoa Research Institute study, the researchers examined the antioxidant content of over 100 food items, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, beverages, and oils, and found that coffee occupied the top most position both in terms of antioxidant content per serving size and consumption frequency, outranking popular antioxidant-rich food sources such as chocolates, tea, milk, and cranberries. While this may give coffee lovers a solid reason to pursue their passion for coffee, researchers have clarified that coffee cannot replace fruits and vegetables which are richer in terms of overall nutritional value due to the presence of high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This means that you can consume coffee only as a beverage but not as a major supplier of vital ingredients that will address your body’s nutritional needs.

Other studies have proven that coffee can help you fight obesity and help you in your struggle to lose weight. Studies conducted in the past have claimed that the antioxidants present in coffee preserve retina health. Various researchers have claimed that the brain-stimulating properties of coffee can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease as well as some other forms of dementia.

Interestingly, you will find the same levels of antioxidants in caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees and this boils down to the fact that you cannot tag one type as a better option in terms of antioxidant content.  Additionally, two cups of coffee are enough to pass on the health benefits of coffee to your body and consuming additional cups won’t bring you additional benefits!

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