Coffee Subscription Services

Coffee Subscription Service, Get More For Less

Keeping your employees happy goes a long way in productivity, and so does caffeine. Here’s why you need a coffee subscription service:

Forbes’ Richard Kestenbaum says subscription service websites have generated around 37 million visitors. Since 2014, he claims that number has grown by 800%.

If you’re unfamiliar with subscription companies, it’s a specialty service that is curated with items picked out based on the customers preference and shipped by mail.

Themes and boxes vary from coffee subscription service, monthly books, makeup and even pet food.

The thing people like most about subscription services is that they offer flexibility, quality and a sense of community.

Often times it’s seen as a win-win for both consumer and seller. It saves time as well as money by cutting out the middleman.

Subscription boxes are popular because they are easily customizable. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have exactly what you want for a fraction of the price and you didn’t even have to leave your chair.

Why Are Superscription Coffee Services  Popular?

coffee subscription service for officeCoffee subscription services are becoming more and more popular as the demand for curated gourmet coffee grows.

And why not? First of all, coffee is amazing. Coffee is life. Second, with the high demand for subscription services, putting those two together was a good idea.

With shipments coming straight to the door, there is no more grocery store runs when the pantry is running low on coffee grounds.

You can enjoy the feeling of having paid less for more. Meaning you feel as though you got a great value.

Often times, there is a wide variety of flavors and you can have something different every month.

Other consumers like the idea of helping small farmers and coffee bean roasters from around the world.

I know from experience that a batch of freshly ground coffee curated just for you is a wonderful feeling. What people tend to love about their favorite brands is the time they take to make sure it’s fresh when it arrives.

Coffee Subscription Service

According to Daily Coffee News, the percentage of coffee drinkers went up by five points from last year to a total of 62 percent.

Unless you’ve invested in a coffee subscription service, that could mean more shopping to keep the company coffee inventory stocked up.

More nickels and dimes from the company pocket into the retailer’s cash register for same old stuff everyone’s sick of anyway.

Office Coffee is a coffee subscription service that helps you find the best coffee and supplies at the best price.

By sharing with us your needs and filling out one simple form, you can work with up to four suppliers screened by us.

These suppliers will equip you with your needs at competitive prices.

Coffee subscription services are great for any type of business:

  • Hotels
  • Medical
  • Schools
  • Restaraunt
  • Convenient Store

How Much It Costs

Cost of Coffee SubscriptionHere’s where you’ll need to do the math on your employee count.

While you could spend the minimum on just the java alone, you might want to rethink this and include supplies such as sugar, creamer, cups, and stirrers in the coffee subscription service order.

Buying these items separately could rack up extra costs.

If you have anywhere from 40 to 100 employees, expect to pay between $600 and $1,200 for supplies. This breaks down to 16 cases of coffee and includes all the extras.

If you have between 10 and 40 employees, you could stock the supply closet with eight cases of coffee and all the supplies you would need to go with it for $200-$600 a month.

For a staff of 200 individuals, you would need 32 cases of coffee which would be approximately $1,200 to $4,000 a month.

You can estimate your coffee costs to be around 65 cents per cup. Or, approximately $50-$125 per employee for a year.

However, K-cups and teas are going to be a little bit pricier with the average cost coming in at $32-$70 for a 42 count.

Don’t forget to ask about rental, maintenance, and inspection if you plan on renting coffee machines. These are things you will need to make sure you look over in any contracts.

A few more items you could also find and their costs:

  • First aid supplies- $5-$50
  • Paper Products $15-$100
  • Medicine $5-$20

Why Should You Invest in a Coffee Subscription Service?

Why Coffee SubscriptionHere is how our coffee subscription service would be beneficial to your company in many ways:

If you own a restaurant, bar or cafe, there’s no need to be distracted by the overwhelming process of choosing a supplier that is right for you.

Once you’ve filled out the form, we can rate suppliers around you that deliver the best products and then you decide on the best supplier for your company from the list we provide you.

Things can get a little hectic with an office full of people who need their morning cup of joe. We’ll quickly have every brand from Starbucks to Folgers ready to be supplied without you having to worry about a thing.

Employees will never run out of coffee again and they will have a wide variety of flavors, grinds, and roasts. Not only is there a variety of coffee, but teas are offered, as well.

We know and understand that not every workplace is exactly the same. Please visit our website Healthcare Coffee Service to receive a quote for supplies to medical centers and hospitals.

Not only will they supply the coffee, but they’ll supply the equipment and the scheduled maintenance.

Not Just Coffee

At Office Coffee Deals, we also offer free bottled water service.

Do you need weekly or bi-weekly installation? We can manage it.

Do you have a two-person business or a large employee count of 100 or more? We can get you filtration systems and BPS free water bottles for those long days at the office.

Look no further for your K-cup and supply needs. We can provide them in bulk, as well as K-cup single serve coffee makers and vending machines for that perfect quick cup on the go.

Here at Office Coffee Deals, we do the hard part for you so you can focus on your business. Come visit our website today for a free quote on coffee delivery price matches!

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