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How Much is Office Coffee Service?

How much is office coffee service? Are you paying way too much? Here we offer the answers to these questions.

A cup of coffee in the morning is sometimes just as important as a hot shower, breakfast, and the newspaper.

If you’re managing an office, it’s likely that your morning staff needs coffee more than anyone else. Instead of bringing in the occasional round of coffees, you might want to take a larger step to make your employees happy. You may already have an office coffee service, but if you don’t, you should seriously consider getting one.

But how much do coffee services cost? They aren’t as steep as you would think, and if you’re paying an arm and a leg already, you probably don’t have to.

How Much are Office Coffee Delivery Services?

Your costs will be different from any other business because offices vary in size and preferences. Things like coffee quality, quantity, and equipment will all play a role in price. Once you narrow down the kind of service your employees need, you should look at the cost per person.

Let’s start with some of the variables.

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How Much Coffee Do You Need?

Not everyone even needs or likes coffee. In fact, many people can’t stand the taste. Some people would prefer an alternative like tea, and some don’t need any liquid to jumpstart their day.

Before you choose your coffee service, find out who is going to want coffee and how much they typically drink. Getting a rough estimate of quantity will help you sort through your options. Some companies offer discounts for larger amounts and others are more cost-effective in low quantities.

Having a clear number will help you optimize your price. Also, try to get a feel for quality preferences when you survey your office. There are a number of brewing options to choose from that will affect the quality of the coffee.

Brewing Options

The common choice for office coffee is the pre-ground bag. Pre-ground bags can vary in quality, but we’ll give the estimated cost. The cost won’t swing too much in most cases, but for clarity’s sake, we’ve given a range for all of the costs.

Buying 24 to 48 pre-ground bags will cost anywhere from $20 to $50. For organic coffee, this price goes up closer to $75 to $90. These numbers are pretty standard for most coffee services.

The price rises when your office wants K-cups. A pack of 42 K-cups, depending on brand, will cost you $35 to $70. Fortunately for those tea-drinking offices, 25 to 100 bags of tea will go for $5 to $10. Prices will shrink marginally when quantities rise, but you can expect to pay the amounts listed above.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need?

The size of your office should determine the equipment that you are offered. An office coffee service should help you with the delivery, installation, and maintenance of the equipment that you need.

You might be more inclined to own and operate your own equipment in a smaller office. That’s a good idea, but larger organizations will benefit from having their equipment installed, maintained, and replaced by the coffee service.

If your office has ten employees or less, you will only need a single serve K-cup machine. If you have more than ten and less than 40 employees, you’re looking at a plumbed-in machine, which allows coffee to brew into large pots. Add another plumbed-in coffee maker if you have up to 100 employees.


Things like cups, lids, creamers, and sugar will all need to be factored in. If you do your due diligence and look at different services, you’ll likely find one that will give you extras as a courtesy. Seek out services that provide napkins and in-house first aid kits as well.

If the service doesn’t do this, make sure that the cost of extras is below $20 a month. Also, prepare your own first aid kit to be ready in the case of a burn.

There is also a fee for the rental equipment in most cases, and it should run you roughly $40 a month. This, again, will depend on the size of your office and the equipment needed. That price should include installation and maintenance as well.

Are You Paying Too Much?

The plain costs can get muddled in all of these details, but you want to look at one ultimate cost – the price per employee. For each employee that drinks coffee, you should not be paying more than $5 a week.

One week’s worth of coffee would likely cost your employee over $20, so they will be appreciative to have the service in-house. Some employees drink more than others, but you should settle on the $5-a-week average. If you’re paying a lot more per person, you are paying too much.

Does it sound like you’re already paying too much? Whether you’re looking to change your office coffee service or are in need of one, there are a few things you can do to optimize your price. First things first, look around and get quotes from a variety of services.

Make sure to narrow down all of the things you need from the service. Have a firm quantity requirement, an equipment preference, and an idea of the quality that your employees desire. Lay these factors out to a few local delivery services and see what they have to say.

Depending on your area, the prices might vary a little from what we’ve discussed above. That shouldn’t be too much variation, though. In any case, speaking with three or four possible services will allow you to have an honest idea of the market in your area.

Looking for a New Coffee Service?

Coffee is essential. Even if the caffeine doesn’t do anything for your staff, there’s something special about the ritual of sitting down to work with a hot cup of coffee. If you’re interested but concerned about price or logistics, there’s no harm in taking a look at some services.

We have the information you need if you’re concerned about pricing. Take a look at office coffee services, we’re positive your staff will thank you.

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