How to Set Up an Office Coffee Station
office coffee station

No one has more fun than Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton does the day the new espresso machine is installed, and the entire cast of The Office vows to try every flavor. Right?

Well, even if you’re not quite ready to commit as hardcore to as much coffee as the office did that day, you have to admit, an office coffee station really isn’t such a bad idea.

When drank under the right circumstances, coffee can work wonders–including making even the most difficult coworkers easier to deal with!

So what’s holding you back? Here’s how to set up an awesome office coffee station that’ll breathe a little life back into your workplace!

1. Get the Supplies

Depending on your office’s size and budget, the exact supplies you purchase when working to set up your coffee station will probably vary a little.

If you’re equipped with a vast office and a sizable budget, you might have your choice of a top-of-the-line espresso machine! Espresso machines are the perfect addition to the coffee bar that wants to be as simple and luxury as possible.

But at the end of the day, espresso machines can get a bit pricier than most offices can afford. If you’re looking to stick to a tighter budget while building your coffee station, you’ll want to snag the following supplies:

  • Water filter
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee brewer OR French press and electric kettle
  • Electric or stovetop espresso maker
  • Assortment of sugars/creamers/filters/napkins/etc.
  • An assortment of awesome coffee beans

When setting up their coffee station, many offices choose to invest in a small storage cart, so they’re able to store all their coffee-making equipment in one spot without getting in the way of other kitchen storage and tasks. Look for a set of small bins and cups to allow for chic and easy storage of all your coffee station accessories. You can store everything right there on your coffee bar cart!

In the early days of your office’s coffee station, it might be fun to purchase a wider range of products for your employees to try out. Give them a chance to play around and decide what they love most!

2. Add Your Own Twist

One of the most fun aspects of inputting a new coffee station in your office is being able to add your own twist and channeling your office’s style into it.

Consider buying a few new mugs to complement the new addition to your office. Think about purchasing some fun coffee-themed decor to hang above your coffee station. Invest in a cute tablecloth and hand towels to go along with it, too!

If you find yourself stuck trying to brainstorm ways to make your coffee station your own, take it to the rest of the office! See what the company’s employees want. They may have some great ideas to help spread the hype around the awesomeness that is your new coffee bar!

For an added twist, try to brainstorm some events or fun contests surrounding the new coffee station. Maybe try out “New Brew Tuesdays,” where, each week, there’s an all new sort of coffee for the office to taste–or hold a coffee bean-guessing contest, where the person who guesses the nearest amount of coffee beans wins a fun new mug!

However, you decide to set up your new coffee station, make sure it’s your own!

3. Send a Memo


What’s all that work compiling and building your coffee station for if you’re not going to shout about it from the desktops? You’ve built this awesome new coffee bar…it’s about time someone used it!

You want people to use the office’s coffee station for tons of reasons; no more staggering into work 15 minutes late because the Starbucks line was too long, no more mid-day drag in productivity.

When your coffee station is up and running, take the time to craft a memo and maybe a poster or two for around the office. Make sure it’s eye-catching enough to draw all the attention that sleek new French press deserves into the break room!

Sending a memo out from the start gives you the opportunity to set any ground rules–If you brew it, you scrub it!–and to explain any other policies surrounding the coffee station, like whether or not the office will keep an ongoing cash pool for buying things like creamer or filters.

4. See the Benefits

Once all that’s been done, all you’ll have left to do is pour yourself a cup, sit back, and witness the benefits of having a fully-stocked office coffee station! It won’t be long before you start to wonder why in the world it took you so long to bring a coffee station like this into your workplace.

Your new coffee station will be the perfect draw for bringing clients and partners into the office, giving them a chance to see what your office culture is all about. In no time “meeting” will be synonymous with “fresh-brewed coffee!”

You’ll notice change in your employees, too; showing up early for work?! Excited and ready to talk to others first thing in the morning? Instead of staggering in late because the nearest coffee shop is 15 minutes round-trip from the office, you’ll see your employees showing up with plenty of time to run to the coffee station and get settled at their desks.

Maybe the most appealing aspect of all for your employees will be the amount of money your new office coffee station will save them! For workers whose morning routine includes stopping by the coffee shop for a latte, the new office coffee station will save them hundreds of dollars per year! A nice, steaming cup from the office will only cost about 15 cents. 15 cents!

Gotta Have an Office Coffee Station?

An office coffee station is easy to assemble, fun to personalize, and chockfull of benefits for your employees and your workplace as a whole. Anybody who doesn’t want the smell of fresh-brewed coffee drifting through the office is just–well, wait. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t want that?!

For pricing and coffee services, plus more tips on setting up the perfect office coffee station that’ll keep your employees on top of things all day long, check out our page!

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