Incredible Coffee And Dessert Pairings That Can Make Your Moments Magical And Unforgettable

Incredible Coffee And Dessert Pairings That Can Make Your Moments Magical And UnforgettableFor people who use coffee as a way to beat stress and stay focussed in their work life, coffee plays the role of a brain stimulant that is noted for its medicinal properties and overdose side effects. However, coffee enthusiasts who celebrate unique coffee moments with passion and creativity view coffee with an entirely different perspective. For them, coffee is a way of life. They are ready to explore new ways to make coffee moments special and unforgettable. If you are among them, we’re sure that you might have also tried experimenting with coffee in ways that might have impacted your moods and senses in different ways at different times.

The marriage of coffee and dessert works wonders for your moods. Whether you are a regular coffee drinker or a coffee passionista, you are more likely to fall for some of these incredible coffee and dessert pairings:

  • Cappuccino and Chocolate Pastry: We call it a cappuccino when we get a coffee drink that is prepared with an espresso, some hot milk, and steamed milk foam. The coffee can be made with cream as well, which gives it a richer and better taste. You can create a real chemistry by pairing your cappuccino with a chocolate pastry or oats cookies.
  • Latte and Fruit Cake: Latte or “milk coffee”, as we call it, is a blend of espresso and milk in the proportion 1:3. Normally topped with foam or cinnamon, latte pairs well with dried fruit cake, chocolate tarts, lemon cake, and dark chocolate truffle.
  • Café Mocha and Almond Cake: One of the most delectable recipes prepared with cappuccino and cocoa powder or chocolate syrup, café mocha makes a great pair with almond cake or banana cake.
  • Caffe Americano and Macaroons: Caffe Americano, noted for its strong flavor, is prepared by brewing espresso with additional hot water. The taste of Caffe Americano is best enjoyed after meals, when you crave for a “sweet, happy ending”. Pair it up with macaroons or red velvet cupcakes for a sweeter, happier ending.
  • Espresso and Muffin: Espresso is prepared by brewing freshly grounded coffee beans in 30 ml of water. Known for its dense concentration and strong flavor, espresso may create magic with muffins or pistachio biscotti.
  • Frappe and Ice-cream: Perfect refreshment for a hot and humid day, frappe is prepared by mixing instant coffee, milk, and crushed ice together. Pair it up with vanilla ice-cream or choco-lava cake to create an exotic dessert combo.

Every combination brings its own possibilities. What works for Sam or Rita may not work for you. Create your own coffee-dessert combinations and identify your own happiness triggers. Do share it with us.

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