Visit over 25 Countries and Ask for Coffee Speaking Their Home Language

In Italy it’s “Antocino” for 1 part milk and 1 part espresso, or in France you’d say “Cafe Au Lait”. If you travel around the globe you may enjoy this neat piece explaining how to order Coffee by talking in the local language. From India, to Hong Kong, or Cuba, it’s probably covered here. Also check out the cool (and true) facts that will blow your mind. Like did you know that Turkish law actually once allowed for women to divorce their husbands just for failing to keep the family coffee pot filled? Man, those woman sure would not have wanted an American husband!

Order Coffee in any Language

Now you can fly to India, Mexico or most anywhere and get your caffeine with less problems. Also, now that you can order coffee in nearly any foreign language consider booking a flight with who provided this great information about ordering coffee via the coffee infographic.

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