Most Popular 3 Coffee Types

Popular Coffee: Top 3 Best Kinds of Coffee

Coffee drinkers are at an all-time high. Everyone is constantly trying to get their daily fix in order to make it through the daunting work week, and places like Starbucks have to respond by placing a new building on every other block.

That said, it does seem like the essence of coffee has become rather stale. Most coffee drinkers only know about the basic drip, or a cappuccino, or even a mocha (if they’re feeling fancy), but that’s usually as far as the list goes.

Why not spruce up what’s in your coffee cup with some popular coffee choices? We’ve gone through the trouble of sifting through the many coffee makes and flavors to give you some of the best we could find. Read on to find out more!

Coffee Types - Best of the Best

Espresso: A Popular Coffee in the US

You may have heard a number of your friends telling you about how good an espresso is. Trust us, they weren’t lying.

The espresso originated in Italy and has obviously been a favorite of Italians ever since. The delicious beverage requires a tricky technique that involves finely grounding the beans using high-pressure boiling water to get just the right taste.

Although it can take time to get it just right, when it’s been achieved you gain the closest taste that you can ever get to pure coffee. Seems like it’s about time to grab a cup of your own.

Espresso Coffee

Café Au Lait: A Frenchy Choice

Get ready to curl your (possibly fake) mustaches before having a drink of this one. Café Au Lait is a must have virtually any time of the year.

As the name implies, this coffee beverage originated in France, and is made a little different compared to other coffee drinks. It is created using steamed or scalded milk with a shot of espresso coffee added in the mix.

The resulting drink is every bit as frothy and exciting as it is delicious – definitely needed for a coffee connoisseur looking for a new taste, oui?

Café Au Lait

A Little Irish Coffee for You

For those wanting to go way over the top, we’ve got a little something for you in the form of Irish coffee.

This type of coffee obviously comes from (you guessed it!) Ireland, and as with everything else Irish people drink, this coffee has…alcohol, of course!

This drink is a mixture of a cocktail and Irish whiskey, along with hot ground coffee beans and a lot of sugar and cream. This drink gives you a nice little energy boost and helps you relax, so you get quite a bit from this neat beverage.

Irish Coffee

Time to Get Your Caffeine

Our little list of popular coffee should have you thinking about getting starting on making your own. We could totally help you do just that.

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Ready to get started? Check us out to get a free quote and get started on your caffeinated journey. We can’t wait to be with you every step of the way.

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