Reasons Why Coffee Can Make Us Feel Happy

Reasons Why Coffee Can Make Us Feel HappyIt is a real fact that coffee does not only allow us to cope up with our daily struggles in professional and personal fields, but it also makes us feel amazingly happy. This is not just a feeling, but an experience that is backed by scientific reasons. So what is there in coffee which brightens our mood? Let’s take a look at the various factors that contribute to coffee’s identity as a mood brightening agent:

  • Incredible Taste: People with taste can feel the true charm of coffee. The first sip of a delicious cup of Joe has the power to make you feel energetic and capable of handling anything that comes your way.
  • Aroma: Coffee’s strong aroma creates a motivating vibe that will demand you to view your day with a positive outlook.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is noted for its various health benefits, including its anti-cancer properties, liver-detoxification abilities, and ability to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. A dose of caffeine can make you feel alert and energetic, allowing you to remain productive and to complete your day’s tasks within the set timelines.
  • Cognition: Coffee and cognition come hand in hand. The caffeine present in coffee boosts your cognitive ability by stimulating your brain activity. This does not only translate into greater alertness and positive attitude, but also gives you the strength to give 100 percent of your energy and focus at whatever you do, in your personal as well as professional fronts.
  • Dopamine Boost: When your body lacks dopamine, you may feel less motivated about your life, demonstrate addictive behaviour, and experience mood swings and memory loss. Dopamine is referred to as our “motivation molecule” that can boost our focus, concentration, and drive. Dopamine allows us to face the thrills of life and turn them into meaningful outcomes at all aspects of our lives. The caffeine in coffee boosts our dopamine levels, allowing us to experience the feelings of bliss, enjoyment, and fulfilment.
  • Community Feel: Everything can happen over a cup of coffee and coffee can bring communities together. By engaging with others during coffee breaks, you can build relationships or repair relationships that might have turned sour for some reason in the past. It is really a rewarding experience when you find time to connect with your friends and family over a coffee session. And it is definitely a wonderful experience when you get an opportunity to discuss issues and settle matters with your co-workers over a coffee break. That way, you develop a sense of belongingness to a team and get motivated to work together to fulfill a common objective.

If you have other reasons why coffee makes you happy, do write to us and we would be happy to know.

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