Office Coffee Machine Rentals

Coffee Machine Rentals For Business: Save Bucks on Your Brew

Keeping your office staff caffeinated with their choice beverages is a big part of maintaining a happy and productive workplace. Make them all fend for themselves, and you’ll be looking at several significant interruptions each day as people run (or walk) to the nearest coffee shop to get the fuel they need. Stock less-than-stellar brands and equipment in your office breakroom and you won’t be doing much to solve the problem—if anything, you’ll make things worse by giving employees something to grumble about in addition to forcing them to go elsewhere for their caffeine fix.

For many offices, the best solution in terms of affordability and quality is renting a top-of-the-line coffee machine. These rentals can come with regular restocking services to keep all of your employees’ favorite drinks readily on hand, or you can simply rent the machine itself to use with your own coffee and tea selections. Either way, you’ll get increased employee satisfaction at a significant savings.

Rent Office Coffee Machines to Keep Your Office Up-to-Date and Able to Scale

When you opt to rent your office coffee machine from a top-notch workplace beverage provider, you get your choice of high-quality brewers that range from traditional by-the-ot paper filter brewers, the single-cup brew systems that are all the current rage for their ability to deliver a custom cup of coffee or tea in an instant, or larger coffee machines that can keep the java flowing for your whole office while dispensing sweeteners, creams, and other additives at the push of a button.

Whatever your office needs and your employees want, you can rent instead of buying to save yourself a bundle on up-front cash without delaying the delivery of quality drinks to your staff. And with a rented machine, there’s no extra hassle or wasted expense if your company grows—simply switch to a bigger model or add a second unit and keep on going. If you need to scale in the other direction, that can easily be accommodated as well, and you won’t be stuck trying to unload a large and expensive—and now used—coffee machine.

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But wait—there’s more! With a rented machine, maintenance costs and woes are a thing of the past. Part of every rental includes regular maintenance to your advanced coffee machine and, of course, repairs or replacement if your machine malfunctions or breaks down. Especially for larger offices with bigger and more complex coffee machines, this can present a surprisingly significant savings over the life of your coffee machine.

Get Brewing with Your Rented Coffee Machine Today!

Are you drinking a cup of joe as you read this? Is it the same mediocre coffee you’ve grown accustomed to in your office? Wouldn’t you like to kick it up a notch or three, without the expense of purchasing a new brew system and selecting the right coffee to brew in it? Let us handle the machine and the beverages, and let you and your staff get to working in high gear!

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