Everything You Need to Know About a Single Serve Coffee Maker

single serve coffee makerInvesting in a single serve coffee maker for your office may seem like a big expense, but it comes with many benefits. Here’s everything you need to know.

Offices thrive on coffee and the ensuing chatter that occurs around the sacred coffee station.

Coffee creates a sense of community in an office environment. You’ll hear things like, “Hey Dave! How was your weekend?” as a nice brew warms the office air.

However, not every worker at the office enjoys the same kind of coffee or likes coffee at all. Some prefer a dark roast, some flavored and some a light roast. Having a single serve coffee maker gives folks options.

Making coffee gives them a chance to leave their desks, stretch their legs and enjoy their colleagues. But, if your coffee maker doesn’t make their signature brew, these workers may be missing out on connecting with their office-mates.

Beyond coffee’s ability to create community is the effect it has on workers. Coffee combats the Monday fog and eases us each morning into the workday. The happier your staff, the more productive they are!

Not all pots of coffee satisfy the lot, leaving you to discard the leftovers or reheat your cup of Joe. Investing in a single cup coffee maker may seem like a big expense, but the benefits are abundant.

Read on for everything you need to know about single serve coffee makers.

Everything To Know About a Single Serve Coffee Maker

1. Choosing a Brand

Many coffee brewer companies offer a single brew option, however, not all of these options are created equal. Each single serve coffee maker has its pros and cons.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a single serve coffee maker is to choose between easy-to-use insertable pods or loose coffee grounds.

When considering a brand that solely uses pods, think of the options available from coffee companies. Not all pods will fit into your office coffee maker! Some are made for specific brands and only work in those machines.

Keuring K-Classic Coffee maker is one of the most popular options for office environments. The K-cup insertable pods are available at every grocery store and the water tank holds up to 48 oz of water. This provides your officemates with a variety of choices so they can enjoy their favorite brew daily without needing fill the water tank after each use.

Most coffee brands make their single pod options fit with Keuring coffee maker models, but not all single serve coffee makers accept this pod option.

Before you complete your purchase make sure to see what pods work with each brand or if the coffee maker uses loose coffee grounds only.

Coffee machine - single serve2. Cost

Consider how much you are willing to spend on a single serve coffee maker and then attempt to find the best features available within your price range.

Costs of operating your coffee maker are also important to take into consideration. Each pod used can range from 35 cents to $1.50 in some cases. Loose coffee grounds bought in bulk are more cost effective.

Also, consider if the coffee maker you’re interested in comes with a warranty. Like any machine, coffee makers can break and having a warranty protects your investment.

Read reviews of each coffee maker to see if the company replaced or worked to resolve an issue that caused the machine to break and offered some form of reimbursement.

3. Function and Available Brews

Various models offer differing brewing options. Check to see what brewing options are available to meet the needs of officemates. It may even be helpful to take a poll of your office worker staff to see what their favorite cup of Joe is before purchasing.

After all, you’re buying it so folks will use it and enjoy it!

Some models can offer to make brews stronger or lighter, brew cold brews and even have a milk steamer/foam maker attachment for lattes, cappuccinos, and teas.

4. Placement

Consider where your single serve coffee machine will be located in your office. Measure the area available and compare coffee maker sizes to ensure it will fit in your desired location. All coffee makers will need a solid, waist-high countertop in order to make brewing easy for the user.

If you intend on placing the brewer underneath cabinets, then measure how much space is available in between the countertop and the cabinet. Then, check the brand’s coffee maker height.

In order to fill up the water tank with ease, it’s important to be able to easily move the coffee maker or to have an open space above the coffee maker.

Ensure that a 1200-1500 watt power plugin is available nearby. Take into account the length of the single serve coffee maker’s cord.

5. Performance Functions

Compare available performance functions among your top choices.

Some brewers brew at a higher temperature, some offer quiet brewing options and others programmable clocks. If safety is a concern, then consider a coffee maker that has an auto-shutoff feature.

One of the best features a coffee brewer can offer is a consistently heated water tank. This allows for single cups to be brewed one after the other without waiting for the water to heat up each time.

Read performance reviews of each model you’re considering to see which brands are easiest to maintain and last the longest.

Feeling Excited About Purchasing Your Office’s Single Serve Coffee Maker?

We’re excited for you and we’re here to help make the maintenance of your office coffee station simple! We can help you to compare brands, choose the best single serve coffee maker for your company and ensure that supplies don’t run low. Contact us today for a free coffee service quote!

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