The Coffee-Creativity Connection

The Coffee-Creativity Connection

Coffee creates magic. Not only does coffee help us kick-start our day, but it may also help us conceive incredible ideas that may make a difference in some way, in some areas. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Whether we are in the midst of a casual conversation in a social setting or we are engaged in a serious business talk, a cup of coffee can really impact our ability to sustain tough situations. Coffee is a fuel for our mind and this is something which professionals working in today’s fast-paced business environment are most aware of. However, coffee has some superpowers that work beyond producing everyday outcomes such as on-time project completion and stress-free interpersonal communication. Coffee promotes creativity.

Before probing deep into the topic, let’s understand what impacts creativity. Creativity can be defined as a state of mind which relies on three parameters- initiative, dedication, and confidence. With multiple scenarios determining our level of focus at different points of time, it is most likely that our minds will fail to remain as initiative-oriented, dedicated, and confident. Coffee works by boosting our energy levels which allows us to stay focused and practise creative thinking. Ideas form the basis of creative outcomes. Ideas give birth to more ideas which finally translate into creative outcomes. It is difficult to generate a flow of creative ideas without initiative. A cup of coffee actually works to jumpstart our brain, allowing it to unlock its creative juices.

Fatigue is a focus-killer and coffee is a stimulant. While science has lengthy theories to explain how coffee cures fatigue, let us boil them down to an easy-to-understand point. The caffeine present in coffee blocks the part of the brain that makes us realize, “I am fatigued”. In simple terms, coffee delays fatigue, allowing us to demonstrate high levels of dedication in completing our tasks. For individuals involved in creative jobs, this may mean putting additional effort to create good ideas during a time when the brain synthesizes stale/ bad ideas.

Lack of self-confidence may lead to lack of creativity. When we think that our ideas are stupid, we stop thinking creatively. Coffee promotes initiative and dedication which, in turn, promote confidence. It’s not that we will become a super-being, but we can definitely overcome our own convictions and come up with some really amazing ideas.

Many of us consume coffee on a daily basis while many of us don’t. The goal of this article is to promote self-awareness. Isn’t it a great feeling to realize what goes on in our minds and be able to act on it?

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