Trends That May Define The Coffee Industry This Year

Coffee Industry

As the coffee industry continues to respond to the varying needs of coffee enthusiasts in creative ways, coffee is most likely to pass through evolutionary and even revolutionary stages to achieve a whole new makeover that will create new trends. Whether it is through the promotion of sustainable coffee production practice or it is through the introduction of new flavors or re-introduction of the tried-and-tested combinations, the coffee industry is all set to create striking trends that will shape coffee production and consumption patterns in 2016.

2016 may witness the widespread consumption of smooth and clean nitro coffee. Nitro coffee is prepared by infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas and allowing it to be released through a pressurized valve that comes with tiny holes. The cold brew is then subjected to pressure that allows it to pass through a disc, resulting in the creation of a silkier coffee. The coffee is served directly from the tap and the cascading effect coupled with the incredible taste creates a fulfilling experience that is hard to forget. The waste removal process during coffee production is expected to undergo major transformation with the coffee producers being able to identify ways to utilize waste meaningfully. For example, the cherry skin obtained during the harvesting process is converted into coffee flour that can be used in baking. The green cherries that are removed mechanically are roasted, which means that the entire harvest can now be utilized.

This year, people are more likely to incline towards specialty coffee or espresso-based beverages, giving the industry the scope to explore ways to produce richer coffee. Combination beverages may hit the scene with more and more people preferring combinations of tea and coffee beverages these days. This is already a trend in Asia and may soon assume a global form. It is quite interesting to note that coffee with chicory may witness re-introduction especially in cold brew recipes. It was originally introduced in New Orleans during the Civil War to ensure that the coffee inventory lasted longer.

Did you know that coffee constitutes just 2 percent of the beverage with water constituting the remaining 98 percent of the beverage composition? We may soon see the industry taking innovative measures to use water in different ways. We may soon witness the launch of coffee shops that may offer different coffee recipes prepared from different water resources. Lastly, governments across the world are all set to execute programs that will encourage coffee farmers and their upcoming generations to take pride in their profession, stay close to their soil, and contribute to the production of high quality coffee.

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