Why Is Sustainable Coffee a Good Choice for Your Office?

sustainable coffee

Did you know 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day? You’ve seen how the coffee maker gets used each day if you manage an office. Coffee is the American morning drink of choice.

Have you ever thought about the coffee you and your officemates drink? Maybe not, but you should. Drinking sustainable coffee is one way you and your office can reduce your environmental impact and support workers across the globe.

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Are you intrigued? Read on to learn more about sustainable coffee and why you should make the switch.

What Is Sustainable Coffee?

You’ve probably seen the label, but “sustainable” is a nebulous term. Sustainable coffee and sustainable coffee brands acknowledge the environmental and societal impacts of coffee production and produce coffee that doesn’t harm the environment or the workers who process it.

Environmental Sustainability

Most coffee comes from Central and South America because coffee needs specific conditions to grow. Unfortunately, the particular environment squeezes coffee farmers to meet world demand and often leads to deforestation.

Separating the coffee bean from the plant is called wet-milling and uses a lot of water. Sustainable coffee reduces deforestation and water usage through:

  • A shade growing method that grows coffee plants without cutting trees
  • Centralized water mills to cut water usage
  • Not using pesticides that contaminate soil

Sustainable coffee producers also reuse the byproducts of coffee production. The husks are used for bio-fuel, while the pesticide-free wastewater is treated at a plant and reused.

Societal Sustainability

The cheap coffee you see on grocery store shelves comes with a cost, a human cost. Coffee farmworkers toil under extreme labor conditions and for meager pay.

Unfortunately, coffee is among the goods the US Department of Labor labels produced by child labor.

Sustainable coffee and sustainable coffee roasters produce coffee with a minimal human impact. These growers ensure that pickers and other workers on the supply chain are paid fairly and work in safe conditions.

Is Sustainable Coffee Fair Trade Coffee?

Yes and no. Fair trade or fair trade certified coffee came about during a late 1980s coffee crisis where the world supply exceeded demand. The price bottomed out under those economic conditions and impacted worker labor conditions.

Fair trade artificially raises the price of coffee in the market to ensure that workers receive adequate payment for their labor. However, a coffee brand can use sustainable practices without fair trade certification. Seeking this certification, however, is an excellent shortcut for consumers.

You Need Sustainable Coffee in Your Office

A global climate crisis and forced labor require action, and it’s up to you to become an ethical consumer. One way you can reduce your environmental impact and support worker rights across the globe is to drink sustainable coffee.

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