What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality

You’ve heard it said that you are what you eat, but I tell you that you are what you drink. At least you are what kind of coffee you drink. While there may not be any scientific data to support this fun topic – the type off coffee you drink may actually describe who you really are as a person. For example if you like Iced Coffee you might be assertive and outspoken. On the other hand if you like Espresso you are likely to be friendly and adaptive. Check out this coffee infographic below to see what your coffee say about you. Then, tell us if it was correct.

You are what kind of coffee you drink

How did we do? Tell us if the chart described you correctly. Since we are in the coffee delivery business we’d also love to hear what your favorite brands of coffee are and which brands you dislike.

  1. OMG – you got me exactly. Too funny.

  2. You have to be kidding me, that’s awesome. Think it’s time to switch from latte. What about people who drink instant? hehehe

  3. i drink espresso…..

  4. What, nothing for those who don’t drink coffee? I get this is a coffee website but StumbleUpon still exists, you know.

    • Well it is a coffee site lol. Espresso is it! Get the heart going 🙂

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