Benefits of Drinking Coffee: Should You Have an Office Coffee Service?

Are you considering starting up an office coffee service at your company? Here are just a few of the benefits that this could provide!

Over 64% of Americans report drinking at least one cup of coffee per day. The average employee also spends a significant portion of their day at work, so the need for on-site coffee options is essential. There are several benefits and ways to provide coffee for all of your employees cost-effectively.

Benefits of Coffee at Work

There’s a reason why so many people drink coffee every day. The drink provides a number of benefits that help increase happiness, concentration, and more.


Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and boosts productivity levels. For many people, coffee is a necessary morning pick-me-up. Without it, they may experience headaches and irritability, which lowers productivity.


A hot cup of coffee on a cold morning is comforting and helps people settle into their workday. Higher comfort levels paired with caffeine is a great mix for increased productivity.

Social Interaction

Drinking coffee as a group provides a feeling of camaraderie and encourages social interactions. Plus, coffee breaks are a fantastic way to invite social interactions. Employees who have positive social interactions at work throughout the day tend to be happier.


A free coffee service provided as a benefit boosts overall employee morale and makes employees feel valued. Free services boost office culture and adds more empathy to the workplace. Plus, employees prefer to avoid spending their own money and time getting coffee.


Coffee is a surprisingly healthy drink—employees who drink coffee benefit from rich antioxidants, fat burning, and a mood boost. In moderation, coffee also has some long-term health benefits, such as increased heart health and decreased diabetes risk.

Types of Coffee Services

Coffee services involve delivering coffee products to businesses on a weekly or monthly basis. Choosing a coffee service depends on factors such as business size, budget, and needs.

Coffee Equipment

Business rent or purchase coffee equipment suitable for their office. Employers can choose between espresso machines, single-cup coffee machines, and regular coffee machines.

Coffee Supplies

Typical coffee supplies include creamer, stirrers, and sugar. Employers may also request other items like cups, lids, and syrups.

Coffee Brands

The most important aspect of a coffee delivery service is the coffee itself. Services provide a choice of brands, like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, that employers choose on behalf of their employees. K-Cups, whole bean coffee, and espresso are also popular choices.

Other Services

Many coffee services also offer water delivery, which is another essential office beverage. Water delivery choices range from small 12-ounce water bottle packages or large multi-gallon water bottles and coolers.

Additionally, some services may work around existing business equipment. For example, if you’ve already purchased a coffee machine for your business, you might want to consider a delivery service for coffee grounds only.

Power Your Office With Coffee

Implementing a coffee service is an easy way to make employees happy. Whether they need one cup a day or five, on-site coffee ensures your employees get their caffeine boost and increase their productivity.

If you’re for an affordable coffee delivery service, but you’re not sure where to start? Office Coffee Deals helps your business find the best coffee service in your area at the best rate.

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