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Best Coffee Suppliers for Small Businesses

Are you looking to give your team the best brew? If that’s the case, finding the right coffee supplier is crucial.

Coffee can be the lifeblood of an entire workplace. Good coffee can also earn you a lot of money if you’re starting your own shop.

63% of Americans enjoy a cup of coffee every day. If you want good coffee, you need to find yourself the best coffee suppliers that can give you the right joe.

In this guide, we give you everything you need to know about finding the best coffee bean supplier out there. These will help you narrow down who can give you the best coffee for the right price.

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1. Consider Your Team’s Coffee Needs

Coffee BrandsThe first thing you need to consider is to see what your business wants. Depending on the uses, you would need to find the type of coffee that your people like the most. There are a few considerations that you need to do.

First, you need to understand what is the priority in the office for your coffee.

Do you want fair trade coffee that buys it straight from coffee farmers? Do you want different blends to cater to the different tastes of the team? Is your priority the price?

In any case, you want to make sure that the brew is delicious. There’s nothing worse than a coffee bean supplier with very low-quality coffee beans.

2. Check The Two Places Where You Can Find a Coffee Shop Supplier

The two avenues where you can find a coffee shop supplier are:

  • local coffee roasters
  • coffee suppliers online

Office Coffee SolutionsThese have their own distinct advantages.

Local coffee roasters will be near, which means you can get your coffee beans whenever you want. You’re also creating a business with a local supplier, which means you’re creating a nice local network. This also has its own downsides.

When it comes to a local coffee bean supplier, you can get stuck with the options that they have. This means you would need to check their products and jump from seller to seller.

An online coffee supplier gives you a choice of different blends. You can pick coffee from Starbucks, Maxwell House, and even Alterra. All this depends on your tastes.

Why is this option great? This gives you the flexibility to pick which one suits the taste of your employees.

If we’re looking at any disadvantage, buying coffee online is going to a middle man. This can be a good thing or a bad thing to some people, but it gets you as wide access as possible.

3. Decide on the Coffee Equipment

Your next consideration when finding the best coffee shop supplier is their equipment. If you’re starting good coffee options for your team, you have two choices when it comes to equipment. You can either invest in coffee equipment yourself or have your supplier provide.

If you buy your coffee equipment yourself, you can pick and choose the equipment. The problem comes from picking the right one.

Coffee Products

You are running the risk of overpaying for coffee equipment. Not unless you have a coffee enthusiast on the team that knows the ins and outs of coffee, you’re bound to waste money. You’re paying for this upfront too.

When it comes to a coffee shop supplier, they can provide the best equipment for your needs. Sure, you don’t get to pick which exact brand equipment they give you, but who cares? You need something that does the job and creates a robust brew every time.

The best coffee supplier for small businesses is a team that knows what you need.  Would you rather deal with beans and a big pot of coffee in the kitchen? Does your team like variety so you rather serve K-cups?

A good coffee supplier is someone who can cater to the needs of your business.

4. Look for a Coffee Bean Supplier with Good Customer Service

Good Customer ServiceGood customer service is crucial when finding the right coffee bean supplier. Much like superior coffee shops, the right coffee supplier should be courteous and know what they’re talking about. They should entertain questions when it comes to coffee.

You would want to interview your coffee provider on a variety of things. This includes on how they source their beans and other details like maintenance and service level agreements.

You want to find a coffee supplier that can keep your break room stocked without trying to overstock you. They should be able to provide you with fast delivery services – next business day if possible.

5. Ask for References

Much like any supplier, it’s best to ask them for any references before hiring them. The company should be more than happy to provide the references so you can ask about their demeanor. Depending on the supplier contract, you would want to ask references from a company of similar size.

You would want to make sure that you call the references. There are different questions to ask them, depending on the priority.

Among many questions, you would want to start with their speed of delivery. Check on the quality of the coffee that they provide and if they are happy with the service. You would also want to check about the type of equipment the company provides and if they work as intended.

While supplier contracts are not necessary, you want to have an agreement that protects you from unnecessary costs. You won’t want to get stuck with a coffee company without an out for years to come.

This Is How You Find the Right Coffee Suppliers

When it comes to finding the right coffee suppliers, there are a few considerations you need to have. Consider the quality and the equipment that they provide, together with the value of their products. Make sure they can supply you with the best equipment without incurring too many costs.

Are you looking for a reliable coffee supplier for different types of coffee and coffee equipment? You need someone you can trust.

Get in touch with us now and start your day with the freshest cup of coffee every time.

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