Caffeine Euphoria: Why Coffee Drinkers Are More Productive
caffeine euphoria

Do you turn on the coffee pot as soon as you get out of bed in the morning? You’re not alone, as 64% of Americans drink coffee every single day. Whether it’s that delicious aroma or the reliable pick-me-up, our favorite caffeinated beverage is more popular than ever.

The good news is, coffee can help us be more focused and productive. The state known as caffeine euphoria helps coffee drinkers the world over get more done with their day; perhaps that’s why we love the roasted beverage so much.

Why is coffee the super-productivity drink? Pour yourself a cup and read on to find out what makes our favorite cup of joe so good for us!

What is Caffeine Euphoria?

That awake, happy feeling you get after your morning cup of coffee isn’t just because caffeine is warm and tasty. In fact, the stimulating quality of coffee can heighten the adrenaline and dopamine from your brain. This effect has a boosting affect on your concentration, performance, and productivity.

Coffee can help you feel more awake, but it can also have a positive impact on your mood and well-being. Since dopamine is the one of the “feel-good” drugs the brain creates, coffee might even have an impact on depression levels and happiness.

Improved Brain Function

We all know that a cup of coffee can push us through those long study sessions or early morning meetings. But why does it work?

When caffeine enters the bloodstream, it travels to the brain. When there, it blocks adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

What does this mean for your brain? Your neurons fire more with more efficiency, your memory and energy levels increase, and your mental function improves.

Adenosine, the brain chemical we mentioned earlier, is part of what your brain uses to signal it’s time for sleep. Adenosine is produced in the body as we go throughout our day, eventually binding to receptors in the brain to induce sleepiness.

The caffeine molecule looks and behaves similarly to adenosine, and bonds with the same receptors in our brains. But, unlike adenosine, it does not produce drowsiness by slowing our nervous system or dilating our blood vessels for more oxygen intake. Therefore, we stay awake and alert for longer!

The adrenaline increase in the brain is similar to what our bodies produce during the “fight or flight” response. We become keenly aware, ready to act, stimulated, and energetic. You may not see it on the outside, but inside our bodies become primed for response.

Improved Physical Performance

Did you know coffee can boost your workout power? Because it has a stimulating effect on your nervous system, coffee can aid in breaking down fat cells and increasing your adrenaline levels.

A strong cup of coffee before physical activity may even boost your performance by 11-12%! Coffee could help increase your concentration, stamina, and speed.

Brain-Powering Nutrients

Coffee is packed full of important antioxidants and vitamins. Riboflavin, manganese, b-vitamins, magnesium, omega 6, and potassium are in each coffee you drink. Though they are in small amounts, several cups of coffee can add up!

Coffee could even contain more antioxidants than many varieties of tea! Antioxidants are important to fight free radical damage, aging, and many diseases and cancers.

Memory Sharpness

A recent study determined that coffee could have such an impact on our memories that it may even reduce our risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive diseases.

The Journal of Nature Neuroscience published findings that caffeine also had a significant effect on memory within 24 hours of consuming it. So, in the short and long term, coffee has positive effects on your cognition!

Stay Focused

A 2005 study of brain activity and caffeine determined that a caffeinated individual had higher functioning of the brain’s prefrontal lobe. The anterior cingulate of the brain controls attention, planning, concentration, and the ability to monitor.

With these areas more active, you’re able to focus and increase your concentration! Combined that with benefits such as increased alertness and blood flow, and your body is in a prime state to be productive and busy.

The Feel Good Drink

Earlier we mentioned adenosine and the fact that caffeine replaces it on receptors in the brain. Scientists theorize that one reason we might feel good when we drink coffee is because of where those receptors are located.

Many adenosine receptors in the brain are located in the basal ganglia, or the area responsible for reward stimuli. The basal ganglia has an impact on our locomotor functions, our arousal and activity responses, and reward response. When caffeine attaches to the brain, it attaches right where it makes us feel euphoric, active, and rewarded for our daily latte.

Give Your Brain a Boost

The wonderful smell and taste of a fresh brewed cup of coffee is a reward unto itself. You might feel better just from the aroma of your favorite cappuccino, and the knowledge that you’ll soon be in a state of caffeine euphoria.

From memory to brain health, to focus and productivity, coffee is America’s favorite way to wake up and start the day. A great cup of coffee not only invigorates your mind and body, but puts you in the headspace to have the best day possible.

Why not give a boost to your entire team with a coffee station for the office? If you’re looking to improve your workplace happiness and productivity quotient, there’s no better way than giving the gift of daily fresh coffee.

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