How to Find a Cheap Coffee Service for the Office in 2019

Commercial Coffee MachinesDo you and your staff love coffee? You must love the convenience of a delivery service but also want to cut costs. Here’s how to find a cheap office coffee service in 2019.

For many people, work and coffee are like Bonnie and Clyde. The two things are simply made for each other. When you have deadlines to meet and projects to deliver, most workers will reach for a cup of coffee to help them out.

Research has proven that coffee can boost productivity and creativity. And Americans workers agree as well. The country is the 8th largest drinker of coffee in the world.

If you and your office want are looking to bolster your productivity, it may be time to consider a coffee service of some sort. Coffee services will allow you and your staff to cut out those expensive trips to the chain stores whilst enjoying delicious cheap coffee at their desks.

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Cheap Coffee: What are the Options?

Although it may sound obvious, it’s always important to define what an office delivery service actually is.

Drinking coffee at officeThese companies completely outsource the work of providing coffee to your office. Rather than having to purchase supplies yourself and look after the maintenance of the machines, you can rest easy. This will all be dealt with by your service provider.

The only real work you’ll have to do it choosing a price point and coordinating with a representative with the provider.

When you begin researching the options available, you’ll see that there is a broad range of services on offer at different prices. You can rest assured that even the basic services will do more than just drop bags of coffee off at the office though.

You could choose to have coffee brought in from one of the bigger brands, such as Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Alternatively, you could opt to get beans from a lesser known producer for that premium feel.

Coffee service providers will often offer you a one-year contract to supply their coffee and machines. This should be enough time to understand the needs of your employees and then adjust your specifications.

By the end of that first year, you can decide on whether to renew or choose a new supplier.

Understanding the Costs

With so much choice on the market, prices for coffee delivery service can vary quite a lot. However, you shouldn’t expect to spend more than $175 per employee each year to receive coffee.

There are three main expenses for your coffee. Firstly the price of the coffee beans themselves. Depending on the quantity of coffee as well and the quality of the beans you choose, your costs could vary hugely on this.

Cup Of CoffeeIf you are choosing a service for a larger office, you can expect a saving by bulk buying. This can allow you to get better quality coffee beans and still enjoy cheap coffee.

You’ll need other items to go with alongside the coffee. These will be described in more detail below.

Finally, you must factor in the price of the coffee machine itself. Different services will provide the option to either lease the machine, or buy it outright.

Purchasing a machine can be an expensive option. However, it will pay for itself in the long term if your office drinks large amounts of coffee.

If you choose to lease the machine, it will be taken away if you change your coffee service provider. This can be very inconvenient in the short term.

Here is a tip for managers who are looking for cheap coffee for the office and want to keep the costs low. If you sign up to a longer-term contract, the price of your lease can fall significantly.

You could initially sign for a single year, but if you are happy with your service, then sign a longer deal. This will bring down costs in the following years.

Stocking Your Coffee Station

Although some people enjoy black coffee, the majority of people are going to want a variety of options to help them make their preferred style of coffee.

Every coffee service will allow you to choose which of these options you can have in your coffee station at any one time. Most will allow you to choose from the following options:

  • Sugars and sweeteners
  • Stirring sticks
  • Flavoring
  • Creamers
  • Cups
  • Lids

You’ll have to choose which of these are appropriate for your office. In recent times, many people have moved away from using single-use cups, for example.

If your office is more environmentally conscious, you may decide that you don’t wish to provide cups and encourage employees to use a reusable cup instead.

You can always adjust the contents of your coffee station. If you notice that one item is not being used, or another is being used too quickly between deliveries, you’ll be able to adjust your order.

Any Other Drinks?

coffee stationVariety is the spice of life. With this in mind, you may want to provide a selection of drinks in your drinks station for your employees.

Tea is actually the second most consumed drink in the entire world, behind water itself. As it provides about 40% of the caffeine that coffee has, it can be a good energizing drink for office workers working during the afternoon who don’t want the full burst of energy that coffee provides.

Caffeine-free coffee blends are also becoming more popular every year. You could supply employees with blends such as rooibos and fruit tea as well, to provide refreshment without the caffeine kick.

Virtually of the cheap coffee delivery service providers will also offer deliveries on tea and other drinks. Many teas stay fresh for months and months when stored properly.

This means that you could buy hundreds of bags in bulk and use them throughout the months.

You can also provide workers with water by offering a water cooler. This perfect for discussing those exciting moments in the latest episode of your hit TV series!

High-End Coffee

Depending on the culture of your company, and whether you plan to offer the coffee to potential clients and important visitors during meetings, you may require higher-end coffee.

As well as the brilliant health benefits that this coffee provides, you get an outstanding subtle taste.

At higher levels of business, small details can make the difference between winning big contracts and missing out. Anything you can use to turn the situation to your advantage can be of benefit.

You would be surprised how a good cup of coffee could win business for your company in the long term.

Choosing Between Coffee Providers

Cost for Coffee ServicesWhen you are researching a cheap delivery service near you, you should take some factors into consideration. These will help you to differentiate between good service providers and ones you should avoid.

Firstly, you should check on delivery costs. Do you have to pay for each delivery, and if so, how much?

Likewise, the price of condiments such as sugar, creamers, and sweeteners should be factored in. Are these accounted for in the details of the draft contract? Charges like this can really add up if not taken into consideration.

Service and maintenance charges are extremely important and must be factored in. Coffee machines are complex and will be used repeatedly throughout the year, at least five days a week.

Inevitably they can break down time after time. You will have to make sure that regular maintenance check-ups are scheduled into your contract before signing.

Higher standard coffee services will also allow you to call in a technician between these scheduled check-ups, if necessary.

Additional Services

If you are placing a large enough order for your coffee, you may be in line for some benefits or additional services added to your contract.

Keep an eye out for discounts on add-on services like water coolers if you purchase a full-package of coffee beans and a machine for your office.

You can also negotiate a good discount on a supply of coffee beans if you purchase a higher end machine outright, or lease one of the higher level machines available from the service provider.

When it comes to the coffee beans, quantity is crucial. The larger your order of beans, the better the unit price will be for them.

If you are operating a large office of over 25 people, you should be able to negotiate a very competitive rate by buying your coffee beans in bulk.

Enjoy Cheap Coffee With No Fuss

If you are managing an office that is larger than 15 employees, you are aware of how difficult it can be to keep the coffee machine in working order and readily supplied.

Machines can break down under heavy use, and the supplies are continually under pressure. You could find yourself wasting unnecessary time having to look after the machine, and not able to focus on your main work.

This is why an office coffee service can be so useful. They take the stress and hassle out of organizing and maintaining the state of your coffee facilities.

Whether you are looking for a simple K cup solution, or require the best coffee from the biggest brands around, you can get cheap coffee near you without any of the hassles.

The best time to invest in good cheap coffee is today. Contact us and we can help you find the best cheap coffee service near you.

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