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Is the morale at your company low right now?

There are so many different things you can try to bring it back up. But one of the simplest ways to do it might be by splurging on coffee delivery and providing your employees with a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

Studies have shown that Americans are drinking more coffee today than they have in years. So by setting your employees up with a cup when they arrive at work, you’ll likely be doing them a huge favor and putting a smile on their face right from the start of the day.

That’s not the only reason to consider investing in coffee delivery for your office, either. Check out some of the other benefits of doing it below.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Drinking coffee will do more than just wake your employees up in the morning. Coffee is also known to make people more productive when they’re at work.

Almost 50 percent of Americans say coffee improves their productivity when they’re working. That means you could be missing out on a big opportunity to encourage your employees to work harder by not setting up coffee delivery.

Coffee can also help your employees in other ways. It can:

  • Make them more alert when they’re at work
  • Protect their brains and make their minds stronger and sharper
  • Give them a jolt of energy at any time of the day
  • And more!

You’ll see a big difference in the way your employees perform on the job when there is a steady supply of coffee around.

Prevents Employees From Having to Leave the Office

According to a study conducted a few years ago, Americans are drinking about 2.1 cups of coffee each day on average.

If you’re not providing your employees with a cup of coffee every morning through coffee delivery, your employees might pick up their first cup before they get to the office. But what about the second cup that so many people like to have?

More often than not, your employees will need to take a break sometime in the afternoon to step out to get that cup of coffee. That will cut into their work time and affect their productivity.

You could, of course, tell them not to do that and ban them from leaving your office during work hours. But if you’re not willing to step in and provide coffee for them, that could affect their productivity as well. It’s a lose/lose situation for you!

With regular coffee service, you can cut down on the number of times employees need to leave your office throughout the day. It’ll make your business more efficient while keeping your employees caffeinated.

Encourages Employees to Talk and Work Together More

Is your office always quiet in the morning time? That’s usually not a very good sign.

It might mean your employees are hard at work from the moment they walk through the door. But it might also mean they’re still waiting for their morning coffees to kick in and not in the mood to talk with other people.

Coffee delivery will change your office’s morning routine completely. People will be buzzing all around the office picking up their coffee and chatting with their coworkers in the process.

All this chattiness will extend into work hours and lead to your employees working together more effectively. Since they’ll already be warmed up to one another, they’ll have no problem jumping into the workday and getting things going through collaboration.

Provides Your Office With Coffee to Offer to Guests

When people come to visit your office, it’s nice to be able to offer something to them to make sure they’re comfortable.

In some cases, a bottle of water might do the trick. But a lot of clients will request and even expect you to provide them with coffee.

Coffee delivery will allow you to meet their needs and to get on their good side. They’ll appreciate you for being able to give them a cup of hot coffee.

As a bonus, the coffee that you give to guests in your office will put them in the right frame of mind if you’re going to be meeting with them. They’ll be every bit as productive and energetic as you and your employees are when they have coffee in their systems.

Offers All These Benefits Without Costing a Fortune

Some companies eschew coffee delivery because they’re under the impression that it will cost them too much money.

For whatever reason, they think they’ll have to pay a fortune to keep coffee around at all times. This couldn’t be any further from the truth!

The exact cost of coffee service depends on the size of your office and the coffee preferences of your employees. But you can keep coffee in stock with a very small investment on your part.

You can order pre-ground coffee, coffee K-cups, and even tea bags for your office to keep everyone happy without spending a ton of money on it.

If you’re concerned about price, we would encourage you to, at the very least, take a look at your options. You’ll likely be surprised by how affordable coffee delivery is these days, especially when you consider all the amazing benefits for your business that will come along with it.

Schedule Coffee Delivery Service for Your Office Today

There are a lot of companies that are trying to cut their costs these days to benefit their bottom line.

If your company falls into this category, we can see why you might consider coffee delivery to be an unnecessary cost on the surface. But when you read through the benefits listed above, we think you will see why coffee service is actually the one thing you should make sure you splurge on.

Read our blog to learn more about having coffee delivered to your office. Your company could even be eligible to add a free coffee machine to your office simply by obtaining a quote on coffee.

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