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Should People Win Lawsuits For Extra Hot Coffee?

What Do You Think About the Case of the Woman That Sued McDonalds After Being Burned By Coffee Heated to 180–190 °F? You may remember back in 1994 when a case known as Liebeck v. McDonalds Restaurants made national news and the plaintiff, a 79 year old woman

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Order Coffee in Any Language

Visit over 25 Countries and Ask for Coffee Speaking Their Home Language In Italy it’s “Antocino” for 1 part milk and 1 part espresso, or in France you’d say “Cafe Au Lait”. If you travel around the globe you may enjoy this neat piece explaining how to

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Top Benefits of Coffee For Employees

Does Coffee Make Employees Perform Better? According to researchers employees that worked night shifts and were even slightly caffeinated actually made fewer errors and performed better than those workers that had no caffeine in them. Many offices are open late nights or have employees that work long

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Coffee or Beer

Compare Beer to Coffee and Discover Which is Better There’s good and bad about coffee and there’s good and bad about beer and we thought it would be fun to share this study showing the effects of both and how they effect your confidence, creativity, energy, and

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What Your Favorite Social Media Says About You

Hello office coffee lovers – we thought you’d love this. Have you ever wondered what social media says about you? This infographic nails it on the head. For example if you like Twitter you probably like to gossip! Wikipedia – you’re a nerd. Tumblr –  a compulsive

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How Much Does Coffee Service Cost?

How Much Does Office Coffee Delivery Service Cost? For a weekly cost of around $4.80 per employee coffee can be delivered directly to your office. Are you looking for an affordable coffee company that delivers its products and a full line of break-room supplies? Here’s some valuable

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Facts About Caffeine

Bet you didn’t Know This About Your Coffee… Did you know that caffeine is said to be the tacit drug of choice by millions of Americans and they probably are not even aware of it? The lethal dose for humans is about 175 mg per kilogram of

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You Are What You Drink – What Does Your Coffee Say You Are?

What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality You’ve heard it said that you are what you eat, but I tell you that you are what you drink. At least you are what kind of coffee you drink. While there may not be any scientific data to support

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Which Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

Which Coffee Contains the Highest Amount of Caffeine in it? Millions of Americans like to kickoff their morning with a strong cup of java to get their brain juices flowing, but which coffee actually packs the best punch per fluid oz when it comes to caffeine levels?

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Is Coffee Good or Bad? Find Out Here

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for You? If you have ever wondered if drinking coffee is good or bad for your health this will answer it. Discover how even the best coffee service effects men and woman differently. For example, did you know that women who

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